Since 1995 the Skye Bridge has charged the highest tolls in Europe to cross a bridge that takes less than 2 minutes to reach the Island of Skye. Protesters have even been jailed and the local economy has suffered.

Although it was rumoured that the tolls were to be removed no firm date had been fixed. Then on the morning of 21st December a Minister from the Scottish Parliament arrived and announced that the paying of tolls was no longer required.


This Pabay stamp shows the Skye Bridge with a dramatic cloud background from a photograph taken by Jon Eyes. You can just see Pabay in the distance!



PS223      Removal of Tolls Stamp       2.00 P&P 1.00 UK/Europe. 2.50 all other areas.


PC082     Removal of Tolls Cover        5.00 P&P 1.50 UK/Europe. 3.00 all other areas.


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To the best of our knowledge and belief this is the only Philatelic Record of the Removal of te Skye Bridge Tolls.