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Stamp Issue Rona 2003

The set of stamps and first day cover are issued from the Island of Rona for the first time on 1st of May 2003. These stamps are issued to celebrate the beginning of a new era in Rona’s history where we wish to welcome people to
enjoy Rona’s unique atmosphere. With our new facilities and network of paths The Island of Rona is now a much more open place to visit.

Rona, sometimes known as South Rona, lies at the north end of the long island of Raasay, to the east of Skye.

Rona Highland Fold: Established in 1996, Highland Cattle have been re-introduced to the Island of Rona. A pedrigree breeding herd is gradually being built up with original stock from the Ardbhan Fold, North Uist. The Highland Cattle are a valuable asset to the ongoing woodland regeneration of Rona and compliments the traditional agricultural tenure of grazing cattle in the Highland woodlands.(£0.25 Ref RS001)

Caol Rona:Caol Rona is the name of the Kyle between Rona and Raasay, it is also the name of the last township at the end of Raasay. There were 5 post men at the North end of Raasay. Norman Cumming was once the postman for Rona. Twice a week he would go down to North Arnish to pick up the mail. If he had more than 35lbs to carry his son would get paid as assistant postman. They carried the mail strapped to their backs. Twice a week they would cross the Kyle, one man on each oar, around the back of nine. Then it was six miles’ walk north to the lighthouse, delivering letters, parcels and papers as they went. No roads. They would reach there by dinnertime and back to the Kyle by four o’clock. (£0.50Ref: RS002)

Church Cave. On the East Coast almost directly across the Island from Acairseid Mhor is Church Cave or Giants Cave, as it is also known. Before the Island Church was built in 1878 the Islanders worshipped in this cavern and even after they had a church it was still the custom to have babies baptised in the cave. The entrance is like a large Gothic arch and there is a low stone pillar which was used as a pulpit. Beside it is a depression in the stone fed by drips of water from the cave roof and this served as a font. Rows of stones were used as pews by the congregation. The last service was held in 1970 by the Very Reverend Dr James Matheson attended by thirty members from the Portree Parish Church. (£0.75 Ref: RS003)

South Rona Lighthouse: The Lighthouse, at the north tip of the island, was built in 1856-7 by David and Thomas Stevenson. The 42’ tower cost a little over £5000. It was brought into service on the 25th August 1857. The Lighthouse was attended by a boat stationed at Bigharbour and manned by a Rona crew, which made weekly runs to Portree to bring supplies, which were then carried up by donkey. The Lighthouse became automatic in 1978. In the days when the lighthouse was manned, Calum MacLeod BEM (Calum the Road) was Boatman-in-Charge, l Assistant at the Rona Light and also a Rona postman (£1.00 Ref RS004)


This is the First Day Cover. The DL sized envelope has an image    of  the map of Rona and the Rona stamps are hand cancelled with the Rona First Day of Issue postmark. The Royal Mail. Scottish First Class Stamp is used and will be cancelled Portree, Isle of Skye.



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