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Pabay its own commemorative amateur radio call: GM0PNS ... with the suffix phonetics, "Pabay Near Skye." Pabay also is an island included in the Islands on the Air (IOTA) program as EU-008.

There is a Radio Club of Pabay, with the island's call as the club call, although it does not meet at Pabay on any sort of regular basis.

Perhaps even more enticing to the adventuresome ham operator is the possibility of operating from Pabay. The island is available for such DXpeditions, with advance planning a definite requirement. Certainly not the ham-tourist draw of a Caribbean or South Pacific island, Pabay does have some attributes that make a DXpeditioner's heart flutter.

Thumbnail view of Pabay

The house on Pabay, with Skye in the background. Larger view available

It is within sight and only 2.5 miles from the mainland of Skye, but it is far enough for any community or industry to be out of range of RF-robbing conditions. There is absolutely nothing to keep your HF signal from a clear shot at the ionosphere. Further, because there are so many countries, islands, and prefixes so close, collecting contest multipliers and total contacts should keep even the mediocre ham busy ... and the experienced contester and DXer will be testing his/her ability to keep the pileups moving.

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There are challenges, to be sure. Among them are island requirements that there be no open flames nor connection to the island's generation system. So, include a generator and some fuel in your plans. It can be windy so bring a heavy jacket to keep warm .Try to wear a few layers with custom sweatshirts or sweaters. 

With the new solar cycle moving steadily toward its peak, interest in contesting, DXing, and awards makes Pabay both a prize for those wishing to work it and an excellent site to "work the world."

... or, for the truly adventuresome, a solar panel, large battery, and good antenna to see just how your low-power (QRP) skills are.

Other guidelines for operating from Pabay include a requirement that there be some form of emergency communications equipment beyond ham gear in case of some emergency on the island that would require assistance from Skye. This may all be arranged in advance. Oh yes, during at least some of your time on Pabay, you are asked to use the island/club call, GM0PNS, with a log of the contacts to be forwarded to the QSL manager G3LWM.

News The operation from Pabay during 25 - 28th May, 1998 was a great success. Over 1,500 stations were worked with the majority being by Andre,GM3VLB/P.
Jim, GM4CHX made over 100 QSO's to achieve his IOSA Activators score. GM0PNS was on the air to give the callsign an 'airing'!

During May and September 1999 there was activity from Pabay, during May the special callsign 2S0PNS was used. This callsign was permitted by the authorities for a limited time during the time of the first meeting of the Scottish parliament. A new Pabay stamp was issued to record this event.

MAY 29th-31st 2000

It is hoped that GM0PNS will be active 29th-31st May. Times and frequencies however are not predictable. This is NOT a DX-Expedition and other most important work will take precedence. Time permitting activity will be on 80, 40 and 20. If you wish you can Email me at and make a tentative 'sked'.

Pressure of work, antenna problems and rain static made operation of GM0PNS difficult! In the limited time available over 100 stations were worked, mostly on 40 and for the first time CW was used. GM0PNS maybe on the air later this year, please check this Web site. Many thanks for those with whom QSO's were made.

Serious inquiries about DXpeditions to Pabay should be forwarded to



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