New Pabay Stamp


This new Pabay stamp has been issued to coincide with the Royal Mail 'Above and Beyond' issue on January 18th 2000. The design is based on a 1964 Pabay stamp.The Oystercatcher is a very prolific bird on Pabay, where it can be seen all year round. The abundant shell fish make Pabay an ideal habitat for this bird. The Oystercatcher page gives full details of this Pabay resident.

New First Day Cover 18th January 2000

The Island of Pabay is well known for its prolific bird life. To coincide with the new 'Above and Beyond' Royal Mail issue Pabay is producing a new stamp and cover. The 1.00 stamp is a re-issue of a 1964 stamp with the value changed from 6d to 1.00 and the wording Europa 1964 on the right changed to 2000. The cover will be the new Pabay envelope with the Pabay 'Otter' logo at the bottom right of the envelope. The full set of the 'Above and Beyond' issue will be cancelled with the Royal Mail Pabay postmark, whilst the Pabay stamp will have the Pabay First Day of Issue postmark in Black. This cover is available at 5.50 (UK & Europe) and 6.75 (Other Countries) both prices include Post and Packing. Included is an information sheet giving details of the Oyster Catcher, the bird that is featured on the Pabay stamp.

In addition the above cover will be available with the British Philatelic Bureau Edinburgh cancellation. Add 1.00 (UK & Europe) and 2.00 (other countries) to the above prices for these covers.

The stamp alone can be purchased for 1.50 (UK and Europe) 2.00 (all other Countries)

Millennium Postmarks

To record the Royal Mail special Millenium Postmarks a limited number of Pabay covers will be available with the Greenwich' Last Day of 1999' and 'First Day of 2000' cancellations. These covers will have two of the 26p Scottish definitives that will have the Royal Mail cancellations and two Pabay 'Knotted Wrack' with Pabay cancellations for both days.

These items are priced at 2.00 (UK and Europe) and 3.00 (other countries)