Issue 28 April 2012



Pabay Philatelic News Issue 28



PC113 FDC and PS254Stamps


130th Anniversary of the Battle of the Braes Cairn


The new Pabay cover and stamps shows the Cairn commemorating the Battle of the Braes' The photograph was taken by Douglas Nelson who kindly has given us permission to use it on a Pabay Stamp.

The wording on the Cairn reads:


Near this Cairn on the 19th April 1882 ended the Battle fought by the people of Braes on behalf of the crofters of Gaeldom.



                                                               PS254                                                             2.00

                                                               PS254/V Four Values                                    3.15

                                                                            PS113 First Day Cover                                5.00


                                                                Add P&P Stamp only UK and Europe           1.50 other areas 3.50

                                                                  First Day Cover UK and Europe                   2.50 other areas 4.00    

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